THE JUNIOR BOARD a branch of Classical Masters that is run completely by students in high school with a love of music. Below is a list of our dutiful members:

Steph Kang's pic.png

Stephanie Kang


Stephanie is one of the co-presidents of the junior board as well as a senior at Granite Bay High School. A self-avowed lover of music, she has been playing the piano since she was five years old and has been on the junior board since 2014. Her personal go-to composer is Chopin. Outside of Classical Masters, she is a co-editor-in-chief and staff writer for the Granite Bay Gazette. She has also founded and is currently editor-in-chief of Unfurled Mag and writes occasionally for Femme and Fortune.


Elijah Sherratt

Co-president/Web Designer

Elijah Sherratt is currently a senior attending Western Sierra Collegiate Academy in Rocklin, CA. As an adamant violinist, he enjoys listening to the greats and their masterpieces, with J.S. Bach as his favorite composer. In addition to designing the website, Elijah enjoys doing many activities in his free time, including performing community service as the co-president of Western Sierra's Leo Club, attending board meetings as an ambassador for Western Sierra's student council, critiquing movies as the president of Western Sierra's Silver Screen Club, and of course, playing the violin.

Ethan Yan

Junior Board member

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Tristin Hadalus-Henke

Junior Board member

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Anuya Kamath

Junior Board member

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